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"I’m trying, I’m trying to help you."
Shame (2011) dir.Steve McQueen

"I’m trying, I’m trying to help you."

Shame (2011) dir.Steve McQueen

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"Hey, look at this. This little tuft in the carpet. I wonder how old he is in carpet years. Is it spring and he’s the first to wake or…" 

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Charles: I know I don’t tell you often, but lately I’ve been thinking of our magnetic attraction. Because as they say, opposites attract

EriK: Charles.

Charles: Opposites? Like the negative and positive poles of a magnet?

Erik: Stop. 

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New York Premiere of Frank, 8/5/2014 [>]

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I'm a new fan of Michael but I was just wondering what do you think about the Domestic Violence rumors? Do you think they are true? I've looked at a lot of his interviews and read a lot of positive things said by his co stars and peers but I have heard he is temperamental. What's your opinion.


Wow.. that rumor was so 2010.. I can’t believe its still circling around.. every time his new movie comes out that rumor just keeps popping up. well, if you ask my opinion its all bullshit.. the rumors were never true.. there were no evidence filed, no pictures, no medical reports and the charges were dropped.. its just a shitty thing his ex-gf did to get back at him. she did the same thing to a man that broke up with her after that so I think that woman was just being an asshole. Michael’s father was heartbroken when he heard about the rumor and defended Michael in front of the media. 

So don’t believe everything you read. I’ve read a lot about other people’s opinion on him and I’d dare say that majority are on his side. 

Interviewer: How did you guys first get together?
Michael: At the end of 2006.
Steve: Yeah. In Amsterdam.
Michael: We met and I went down like a ton of bricks.
Steve: Pleasant man. Not.
Interviewer: Not love at first sight?
Steve: No, not at all. He was breaking balls.
Michael: I loved you.
Steve: He came back for a second time and then he was licking balls!
Michael: Exactly! It’s like ‘Attack. Soothe.’

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